My Studio
My Studio
My studio-where all the magic happens in beautiful and historic downtown Torrington
When I create:

I imagine beautiful jewelry that sparkles with color. Each item is tailored to bring the wearer joy. I work with gemstones for happiness, balance, blessings, protection, health, prosperity, and even miracles. I also use many crystals that lend their own sparkle and joy to each item. Shiny! has become my "battle cry." I feel these elements all connect the spiritual to the physical when I bring them together. I think that is important in the fast paced world we live in today. 

I enjoy bringing positive energy to people. 

I adore when someone tries on a piece of my handmade sparkle and their eyes light up! It makes me happy knowing that each time they put that piece on they will feel that same happiness all over again. I delight in that knowledge!

Every moment is a moment to celebrate:

The only thing I can say saddens me about my work is when someone worries they won't have an occasion to wear what I offer. I tell them what I am telling you now: Every day is an occasion.Every day we are entitled to feel our best and to show the world what incredible beings of light each of us is; right here and right now. You can wear my items to vacuum your house or take the kids to their sporting events. You can wear them while watching your favorite show or on a date night. Anytime you want to feel you best is the perfect time to wear them.

The why of how:

While the pieces I make are sparkling and beautiful they are also practical. I use semi-precious gemstones and pearls that are genuine. At the same time I stay away from precious stones like diamonds to keep things affordable. I will also never use coral because of the devastation that is being done to our earth's reefs. Since I cannot be assured where the materials to make coral beads are sourced I would prefer to be safe. The same holds true for bone or ivory items. Unless I know exactly where the product came from and how it was made I refuse to use beads like these in my designs.

I do not use solid gold which is becoming harder and harder to mine. It endangers the lives of those who do mine it and so I choose not to use it. I use copper, brass, zinc, lead-free pewter and recycled or vintage items whenever possible. Surgical steel, sterling or gold filled earring findings are also used. Most of these are made with recylced gold, silver and steel. I am also careful to source all my findings and charms from places I know use no nickel.

Packing materials like peanuts, air bubbles and wraps are usually recycled. I could use brand new packaging but that would not feel right to me. Using some newer items along with recycled makes more sense to me and many of my clients. I want to do the best I can for my customer but also for the earth. Using "less" while still getting packages to their destinations is what matters.

As you can see everything I do is with purpose and intent.

 I am often told I think "too much." While that may be true I know that what I am doing matters and I think my clients are smart enough to know it as well. 
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